The vast and desolate Namibian desert and the people and plants that inhabit it are the inspiration behind Mbiri. The core of Mbiri lies in the unique ingredient called Namibian Myrrh.

Namibian Myrrh essential oil is extracted from the resin of the Commiphora wildii plant which grows in the foothills of the Namibian desert, specifically in north west Namibia. This plant is endemic to this region and in the dry seasons it naturally exudes a golden coloured resin which has been used for centuries by the Himba women who live in this arid landscape.

Locally the resin is known as Omumbiri and is used as a traditional perfume ingredient. Omumbiri is now commercially harvested by the Himba women and they earn an income for every precious kilogram that they collect. The harvesters collect the resin from the ground and this insures sustainably of the resource. Mbiri buys Namibian Myrrh essential oil from the community-owned factory and has created a 100% natural skincare range…

Namibian Myrrh is an ancient traditional ingredient and Himba women will teach their daughters where to find it and how to use it. Now that the ingredient is being used to generate an income the hope is that this will keep the tradition alive.

The money the women generate from harvesting Namibian Myrrh resin has become an intricate part of their living and the conservancies that harvest this resin have been registered as community forests which means that the resource will forever belong to the people of this land…

natural & sustainable

All Mbiri products are 100% natural and we ensure that the plant ingredients that we source are being sustainably harvested. Mbiri is also accredited by Beauty Without Cruelty and The Vegan Society.

Being approved by Phytotrade, who monitors the fairtrade and sustainability of the raw ingredients, means that the harvesters are being treated fairly and truly benefit from the plant product being processed. Every Mbiri product bought filters benefits right down to the harvesters not only in Namibia, but in Africa.

We created this video for a crowdfunding campaign. Please watch it to see the beautiful story behind Mbiri.